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Euphoria Global Events Marbella, Spain


Our Group - Event and Wedding Designers

When booking Euphoria Global Events’ wedding designers and party designers, you are not just booking one company, but a world-renowned group of specialists in the wedding, event and travel markets.


With our team, we offer the best level of expertise in every field of events and luxury travel. Euphoria Global Events are part of the world-famous Cocoon Group. This group creates extraordinary experiences in the most exclusive destinations around the world.

Fabrice Orlando is the Lead Designer of the Cocoon Group, and under his direction, many of these designs have received worldwide recognition.


The Cocoon Events Management Group family team in Las Vegas received THE BEST ORIGINAL DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARD from the International Wedding Planners Association


Together, we specialise in designing a distinctive travel itinerary that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Imagine a jaw-dropping backdrop like the beauty of Marrakesh, the sophisticated metropolis of Paris, lush countryside of Tuscany, a private yacht in the Mediterranean, an exclusive villa on the island of Capri, or a fabulous event in Marbella.


The Cocoon Group specialises in unique travel destinations, innovative events and glamorous weddings.


Our group defines luxury.


With offices around the world and dedicated teams in France, Monaco, London, Italy, Spain, Morocco, UAE, Caribbean, the United States and Russia, our job is to deliver your dreams. Our team of creative professionals will amaze and delight you and your guests.


Our experience in events management gives us the confidence to provide the glamour you want and the uniqueness you crave.


About Fabrice Orlando - 

Founded ten years ago, the Cocoon Events Group was a natural step in his career.

He is the creative impulsion behind the brand. As a veteran of radio and television, Fabrice has successfully managed the production side of events for France 2, MCM, Disney Channel, among many others, spanning a 20-year career in the industry. He started his own music company, Everglad Productions, and worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment. From there, Fabrice launched his events company and put on extraordinary events for private clients in glamorous locations. Marrakech – Paris – St Barth – Monaco – movie premieres, magazine launches – multi-day weddings – all were done with the flair and sophistication that is Fabrice.

Fabrice’s charm is his effervescent and dynamic personality, which is well known among his clients and colleagues. He has amazing attention to detail, an eye for luxury and a taste for the truly magnificent. With his extensive network of contacts all around the world, he has created some of the most memorable events known throughout the global events community for Royal families, political statesmen, A-List celebrities and Fortune 500 CEO’s and Presidents.

Fabrice believes that imagination has no limits. If you can imagine it, Fabrice will create it. His mission is to provide dazzling and inspirational events that will leave guests captivated and takes great pride in the smiles and happiness of guests during events.

One of Fabrice’s favourite expressions is: « the secret of a successful organisation is to bring together the right talent, at the right place, for the right people. We are not a JUST A TEAM; we are ONE! »

We are the friends that you just don’t know yet!

Fabrice Orlando



Marbella - Marrakech - London – Paris - Cannes - St Tropez - Nice - Marseille - Bordeaux - Monaco - Rome - Milan -Venice - Capri – Porto novo

Portofino - Como Lake - Dubai - Abu Dhabi - New York - Miami - St Barth - St Martin - St Kitts and Nevis - Bahamas‏ and beyond

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