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Welcome to Euphoria Global Events

Luxury Wedding Planners &Wedding Designers

Event Designers and Event Planners 


Your perfect wedding or event.

Looking for a Marbella Wedding Planners  for a glamorous Marbella wedding, an extravagant Indian wedding, or an elegant Venice/Venezia wedding? Perhaps you’re in need of an experienced and innovative party planner for a corporate event in London, a party planner for a charity gala dinner in Rome, or an unforgettable surprise for your loved one in Florence?

Whatever your imagination can conjure, our world-class party designers and wedding planners at Euphoria Global Events can bring it to life.


Where can you design events?

Spain - Italy - France - Austria - Holland - Belgium - Switzerland - Germany - Portugal - UK and beyond.

From a luxury wedding in Marbella / Malaga to an elegant event in Venice/Venezia, a global product release in Paris to an intimate party for friends under the stars in Marrakesh, at Euphoria Global Events, our team of expert planners create captivating experiences and memorable moments for you and your guests, anywhere in the world.

Who is Euphoria?

Euphoria is not your average wedding planning company or event production company. We are a team of innovative and experienced event designers and wedding planners specialising in luxurious, high-end experiences that you and your guests will never forget.



What makes you different?

There is a distinctive difference between an event/wedding planner and an event/wedding designer. Event planners are involved in every aspect of the logistical project management of the planning process and the event itself; however, it is the event designers who design the event experience. They finesse the details from top to bottom, including the design surrounding the location, the colour scheme, making sure that everything flows within the event decor and styling. Designers make an event come to life, capturing and enhancing the natural beauty of your location, and making sure that everything blends seamlessly together in perfect harmony.


In every case, it is the designer who extracts the emotional and personal elements of a client’s vision and weaves it into the event design, creating an expression of who you are, so your guests feel that they have stepped into your world.

Our graphics department will provide 3D-generated images and professional drawings to show you the designs, so you are able to visualise exactly how your event/wedding will look. You will be able to fully automate your RSVP lists, seating plans, and dietary requests via your personal event/wedding website.

Will you be personal, and can I design my wedding?

Absolutely. You will always be fully in control of everything, and you will always deal with your personal Event Designer/Wedding Planner at every stage.


From the site tours at the very start, throughout the entire design process, and until the last guest leaves, you have ultimate control of every decision. It is your event/wedding, and you can be involved as much or as little as you like.


Your designer will be with you from the very beginning until the very end, making sure every detail is perfect. From the very start, you will have direct contact with your designer as often as you need to discuss your wedding, party or event in detail.


Your Event Designer is available to you seven days a week, via phone, email, and WhatsApp.

Behind your designer is a team of experienced support, logistics and planning experts, providing expertise and support in all areas of the event, allowing you and your designer to focus 100% on your special day.


How many events does a designer do in a year?

Due to the high level of detail and commitment to each client needed in the luxury event business, Euphoria designers only work on 10 events a year. It is our company policy to ensure that the highest level of service, quality and professionalism is always delivered for each client.


What are the planning and design fees? 

Our planning and design fees are competitive for the high-end service we offer. We cater to clients with a high taste for luxury and style, from exquisite destination weddings to million-euro+ corporate events.

Our fees are between €4000 and €5000 Euros on average.



What budget should I be considering?


Deciding on a budget is extremely important from the start. With our experience and knowledge, we are able to advise on the estimated budget for your wedding or event. There are many aspects of event design that are overlooked by non-professionals, so it is common for people to go well over their initial budget. Expert advice from a professional luxury wedding company allows you to structure and estimate the full cost of your event, with no hidden surprises.


Upto 50 guests the average cost is around € 50k.

Upto 100 Guests  is around € 100k.


Why use Euphoria?


Euphoria is a high-end events service tailored to individuals, brands and companies who want the very best event experience for themselves and their guests. We work exclusively with clients who want the very best.

What is the next step?

Contact us with as much information as possible regarding your event. This includes the location you are looking at, the number of guests attending, the ideal date for your event, and any other details that factor into your event.


At this stage, we would love to hear any ideas you may already have and styles that you like. From here, we will get in touch to discuss your event in more detail, and we will start putting a concept design together. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want yet. Our team of experts can advise on ideas, design, style, entertainment, venues, catering, etc. We will then send you a selection of detailed concepts to consider.


From here, we start the main design plan. We work with you throughout the process, allowing you to see every stage in detail via our online system. From choosing the colour concepts to the venue design and layout, you have the final say in all decisions.


We can also arrange a full travel itinerary for all your guests, no matter where in the world they are coming from. This full-service package allows you to keep all aspects of your event planning in one place and with one team. Euphoria Global Events will manage every step of your event to ensure a seamless experience for you and your guests. 


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