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Euphoria Global Events Marbella, Spain
  • Why choose Euphoria for my luxury event?
    Euphoria is tailored for those who seek unparalleled event experiences. We cater exclusively to clients who demand the finest in event planning and execution. Put simply we are unique, ahead of the game, modern, fun, and passionate, and as the name says - Euphoria is the experience (or effect) of pleasure or excitement and intense feelings of well-being and happiness.
  • How many events does each Euphoria designer manage annually?
    At Euphoria Global Events, we firmly believe that quality trumps quantity. This philosophy is central to our approach to event planning. To maintain our high standards of service and attention to detail, we have a strict policy where each of our event designers is dedicated to managing only 10 events per year. This approach is a stark contrast to planners who handle a large volume of events, often leading to divided attention and a diluted focus on individual events.
  • How far in advance should I book Euphoria for my event?
    We recommend booking as early as possible, especially for events during peak seasons, to ensure availability. However, we also accommodate last-minute bookings based on our schedule and the complexity of the event.
  • What unique event experiences does Euphoria offer?
    Euphoria Global Events specializes in luxury wedding planning, and is known for being the leading luxury MARBELLA WEDDING PLANNERS, From lavish weddings in Marbella and grand Malaga Indian weddings to elegant events in Venice and high-profile corporate gatherings in London. Our expertise extends to crafting bespoke experiences for charity galas in Rome and surprise celebrations in Venice, ensuring each event is as unique as it is unforgettable.
  • What services does Euphoria Global Events offer for wedding planning and event planning?
    Euphoria Global Events specializes in luxury Marbella wedding planning services, offering a wide range of options to make your special day unforgettable. Our services include venue selection, vendor referrals, event design and styling, budget management, guest management, transportation and logistics, on-site management, and much more. We work closely with our clients to create bespoke experiences tailored to their unique tastes and preferences. We are committed to ensuring that every detail is taken care of, so you can relax and enjoy your special day. Contact us today to learn more about our wedding planning services.
  • Where does Euphoria design and manage events?
    Our event planning expertise covers a wide geographic area including Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, the UK, and beyond. From luxury weddings in Marbella and Malaga to sophisticated events in Venice and major product launches in Paris, we create exceptional experiences worldwide.
  • How does Euphoria select its vendors, and can we be assured of their excellence?
    Our vendor selection process is a meticulous blend of experience and discernment. We collaborate only with those who match our high standards of quality, creativity, and reliability. Every vendor, whether it's a gourmet caterer or a live entertainment artist, undergoes a thorough vetting process, ensuring they align with Euphoria’s ethos of unparalleled luxury.
  • What's Euphoria's experience with multicultural or themed luxury events?
    Euphoria Global Events celebrates diversity and the rich tapestry of global cultures. Our extensive portfolio includes events that pay homage to various traditions, from the vibrant hues of Indian weddings to the classic elegance of European nuptials. Our team is trained to respect and incorporate cultural nuances, ensuring authenticity while blending them with our touch of luxury.
  • What distinguishes Euphoria in the luxury event planning industry?
    Euphoria stands apart as a luxury event planner and designer, combining logistical project management with creative event design. Our team expertly handles every detail, from location design, hotels, transport, entertainment, to color schemes, ensuring a harmonious and luxurious atmosphere. We personalize every event to reflect our clients' unique stories and visions. At Euphoria Global Events, we take great pride in offering a comprehensive suite of services by owning all our essential event elements. This includes an exclusive range of lighting, decorations, and furniture, ensuring each aspect of your event's ambiance is meticulously curated. Our in-house florist team is skilled at creating stunning floral arrangements that capture and enhance the mood of your celebration. Additionally, we provide top-tier security services, high-quality entertainment options, and our own in-house bar and cocktail staff, all dedicated to delivering an unparalleled event experience.
  • Can Euphoria provide references or a portfolio of its past luxury events?
    Certainly. Euphoria takes immense pride in its illustrious journey of crafting luxury experiences. We maintain a curated portfolio that showcases the diversity, scale, and grandeur of events we've helmed. References from past clients are also available, offering potential clients insights into the Euphoria experience.
  • What budget should I consider for an event with Euphoria?
    Budgeting is crucial and varies based on event scale. For up to 50 guests, budgets typically start around €50k, and for up to 100 guests, around €100k. We advise all clients on the industry average for a luxury wedding or event which is between €1k to €2k per guest. We provide professional advice to help you structure and estimate the full cost, ensuring a transparent and comprehensive budget plan.
  • What are Euphoria’s planning and design fees?
    Our fees, ranging between €5000 and €7500, reflect the premium service we offer. We cater to a discerning clientele, planning luxurious events, from high-end weddings to extravagant corporate gatherings.
  • What kind of support can I expect from Euphoria during the event planning process?
    From the moment you book with us, you will receive comprehensive support from the Director Of Events and the team. This includes regular updates, consultations, and access to our event planning expertise. We ensure that every aspect of your event is meticulously handled, from the initial concept to the final execution.
  • How can I be assured that my event will receive the attention it deserves?
    At Euphoria Global Events, we are committed to delivering exceptional service. Our Director of Events will be deeply involved in every step of the planning process, from the initial consultation to the final execution of your event. This dedicated attention ensures that your event receives the care and focus it deserves, resulting in a truly memorable and personalized experience.
  • Can changes be made to the event plan after booking Euphoria?
    Absolutely. We understand that event planning is an evolving process. Changes and adjustments can be made along the way. Our team is flexible and adaptable, ensuring that your event aligns with your evolving vision. We maintain regular communication to ensure any changes are seamlessly integrated into the planning.
  • Can I have a personalized and hands-on role in designing my wedding or event with Euphoria?
    Absolutely. With Euphoria, you maintain full control over your event. From site tours to the entire design process, your personal Event Designer/Wedding Planner will work closely with you, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision. Our team is available seven days a week to discuss every aspect of your event.
  • To what extent do clients need to be involved during Euphoria's planning process?
    Our collaboration with clients is flexible, tailored to their comfort and preference. While some clients enjoy being intricately involved in every detail, others prefer to entrust us with broader visions. Regardless of the level of involvement, we ensure regular updates, check-ins, and previews, ensuring our clients remain at the heart of the planning process.
  • How is Euphoria's pricing structured? Can clients receive a transparent breakdown?
    Transparency is a cornerstone of our client relationships. While our events exude luxury, our pricing model is rooted in clarity and fairness. Every proposal comes with a detailed breakdown, explaining the costs associated with each service and vendor. We believe in open dialogue and ensure that our clients feel comfortable and informed about every financial aspect of their event.
  • How does Euphoria manage unforeseen changes or challenges?
    At Euphoria, agility and adaptability are at the heart of our planning process. Our team is trained to anticipate potential challenges and has protocols in place to manage last-minute alterations. With our 24-hour office service, clients can rest assured that we're always available, ensuring that every event remains seamless, regardless of unforeseen challenges.
  • Does Euphoria offer a visualization or preview of the event ambiance?
    Absolutely. We believe in translating visions into tangible previews. Through our advanced 3D graphic design tools, clients can immerse themselves in a virtual walkthrough of their event. This not only ensures alignment with client expectations but also offers an exciting glimpse into the grandeur that awaits.
  • Why is limiting the number of events for Euphoria important for my wedding or event?
    Limiting the number of events, ensures that your wedding or event receives the exclusive attention it merits. When an event planner is overburdened with too many events, it becomes challenging to devote the necessary time and focus to each one, potentially impacting the quality of the planning and execution. At Euphoria, by handling fewer events, our Director of Events and their team can immerse themselves fully in the details of your event, ensuring every aspect is crafted with the utmost care and precision.
  • Most other planners are very keen to boast about the 60+ weddings a year they do. How does Euphoria's approach benefit my event planning experience.
    This focused approach allows our Director of Events to establish a deeper understanding of your vision and preferences. It enables a more personalized and thorough planning process where every detail is considered and every aspect of the event is harmoniously aligned with your desires. This dedicated attention not only enhances the quality of the event itself but also enriches your overall experience with us, ensuring a smooth, stress-free journey from the initial concept to the final execution. Remember events by Euphoria are not your average event or wedding, they are large productions that can take 2 to 6 days to build.
  • Can you tell me about the personal touch Euphoria Global Events offers in its event planning process?
    At Euphoria Global Events, we deeply value the personal connection and individualized attention we provide to each of our clients. We understand that your event is a reflection of your unique style and preferences, which is why we ensure that you work exclusively with our Director of Events throughout the entire planning process. This personalized approach means you have a single point of contact for all your needs.
  • Is this personalized approach effective for all types of events, including large-scale and complex ones?
    Yes, our personalized approach is effective and beneficial for events of all sizes and complexities. Whether it’s a grand wedding, an intimate gathering, or a large-scale corporate event, our Director of Events has the experience and skill to manage every detail with precision. This approach ensures that even the most complex events are handled with the utmost care and professionalism, tailored to meet and exceed your expectations.
  • Will I still benefit from a team's expertise while working with a single contact?
    Definitely. While you will communicate and coordinate solely with our Director of Events, behind the scenes is a dedicated team of professionals diligently working to bring your event to life. This team includes expert planners, designers, florists, and logistics specialists, all collaborating to ensure every detail of your event is flawless. The Director of Events orchestrates this team's efforts, ensuring their collective expertise is seamlessly integrated into your event without overwhelming you with multiple points of contact.
  • How does working exclusively with the Director of Events enhance my experience?
    By working directly with our Director of Events, you benefit from a streamlined and highly efficient communication process. This consistency ensures that your vision and expectations are clearly understood and met without the nuances getting lost in translation between multiple contacts. Our Director of Events will be intimately familiar with every aspect of your event, providing a cohesive and harmonious planning experience.
  • How does Euphoria Global Events incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) in event planning and execution?
    At Euphoria Global Events, we leverage the cutting-edge capabilities of AI to enhance our event planning and execution processes. AI tools assist us in various aspects, from analyzing current trends in luxury events to optimizing guest experiences. For example, AI-driven analytics help us predict and personalize event elements based on guest preferences, ensuring a uniquely tailored and memorable experience.
  • Does Euphoria use AI for creative aspects like design and decoration?
    No. All designs are created personally by the Director Of Events and the team. We use 3D design software and artistic visual impressions. Our 3D system assists clients in visualizing their wedding or event in the comfort of their home. This reduces the number of times clients need to visit the venue and allows clients to tweak the setup, décor, and layout before the big day, ensuring their vision is perfectly aligned with Euphoria.
  • Can AI improve the efficiency of Euphoria’s event planning process?
    Absolutely. AI significantly boosts the efficiency of our planning process. It aids in streamlining tasks like guest list management, RSVP tracking, and seating arrangements. AI algorithms can quickly analyze large data sets, providing insights that help us make informed decisions faster. This not only saves time but also enhances the precision and effectiveness of our planning.
  • How does Euphoria stay ahead in technology trends like AI for future events?
    At Euphoria Global Events, we continuously monitor and adopt emerging technologies, including AI advancements. Our team stays abreast of the latest tech trends, ensuring that we always offer our clients the most innovative and effective event planning solutions. This commitment to technology keeps us at the forefront of the luxury event planning industry.
  • What about the security and privacy aspects when using AI at Euphoria?
    We prioritize security and privacy in all our AI implementations. All personal data used is handled in compliance with strict data protection regulations. We ensure that our AI tools are used responsibly, with a focus on enhancing the event experience while safeguarding the privacy and security of our clients and their guests.
  • How do I begin planning my event with Euphoria?
    Start by contacting us with your event details, including location, guest count, preferred date, and any initial ideas or styles you prefer. Our team will then discuss your event in detail, offering expert advice and detailed concept designs, ensuring a collaborative and transparent planning process.
  • What are the initial steps to book Euphoria Global Events for an event or wedding?
    The first step to engaging Euphoria Global Events is to reach out to us through our website, email, or phone. We encourage you to share basic details about your event, such as the type of event (wedding, corporate event, birthday party, etc.), preferred dates, location, and any specific visions or requirements you have in mind.
  • After the initial contact, what is the next step in the booking process with Euphoria?
    Once we receive your initial inquiry, our team will schedule a consultation with you and the Director Of Events. We suggest the first meeting is done over the phone, or via a video call, based on your convenience. During this consultation, we will discuss your event in more detail, understand your preferences, and provide an overview of our services and how we can tailor them to your needs.
  • How do I finalize my booking with Euphoria Global Events?
    To finalize your booking, you would need to sign the contract and pay the initial deposit. Once these steps are completed, we will begin the exciting journey of planning your event, keeping you engaged and informed at every stage of the process.
  • Is there a need to sign a contract or agreement with Euphoria?
    Yes, after our initial consultation and once you decide to proceed with our services, we will provide a detailed contract. This contract will outline the scope of our services, payment terms, cancellation policy, and other essential details. We ensure transparency in all our agreements to maintain trust and clarity with our clients.
  • What about the payment structure? How is it handled at Euphoria?
    Our payment structure typically involves an initial deposit to secure our services, followed by staged payments leading up to the event. The specific payment terms and schedules will be detailed in the contract. We aim to make our payment process as convenient and straightforward as possible.
  • What happens after the initial meeting, signing of the contract, and deposit with Euphoria Global Events?
    Following our initial meeting, the signing of the contract, and the receipt of your deposit, Euphoria Global Events will commence the exciting phase of planning a venue and location tour. Our team will diligently source and shortlist venues that align with your specific requirements and vision for the event. We strive to present options that not only meet your criteria but also add an extra layer of magic and suitability to your event.
  • How does Euphoria handle the venue and location tour?
    The entire venue and location tour is meticulously organized and planned by the Director Of Events. Euphoria takes care of all the logistics, including transportation. Our clients are driven around to different venues, allowing you to relax and absorb all the information without any stress. This personalized tour is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of each venue, helping you make an informed decision.
  • Are there any additional costs associated with the venue and location tours arranged by Euphoria?
    We are pleased to inform you that the costs associated with the venue and location tours are included in our comprehensive planning and design fee. This means that apart from your personal expenses such as flights and hotel accommodations, the expenses of organizing and conducting these tours are covered by Euphoria Global Events. Our aim is to provide a seamless and enjoyable tour experience without any unexpected costs for our clients.
  • What role does Euphoria play during these tours?
    Throughout these tours, Euphoria acts as your personal guide and consultant. We provide insights, share our expertise, and offer advice on each option. Our goal is to ensure that you have all the necessary information to make choices that best suit your event’s needs. We're there to answer any questions, provide professional input, and assist with envisioning how each venue can be transformed to fit your event's theme and style.
  • Is there flexibility in scheduling these tours?
    Absolutely. We understand that our clients have busy schedules, and we strive to offer flexibility in planning these tours. We will work with you to find suitable dates and times for the tours that align with your availability. Our team is dedicated to making the process as convenient and accommodating as possible, ensuring that every step in your event planning journey with Euphoria Global Events is a pleasure.
  • How does Euphoria manage the logistics of these multi-location tours?
    Our team at Euphoria Global Events takes care of all the logistics involved in organizing multi-location tours. From scheduling venue visits to arranging transportation between different sites, we handle every detail. Our goal is to create a stress-free and insightful experience for you, allowing you to focus on envisioning your event in each unique setting. We coordinate closely with you to plan a tour itinerary that is efficient, enjoyable, and aligns with your schedule and event planning timeline.
  • How does this process help in planning my event with Euphoria?
    This process is a crucial step in the planning journey as it helps solidify your vision for the event. By exploring venues and experiencing their offerings firsthand, you gain a clearer understanding of what each location can provide. This informed perspective is invaluable in making decisions that shape the overall experience of your event. With Euphoria, every aspect of this journey is crafted to be enjoyable, informative, and aligned with your ultimate event goals.
  • What if I want to explore multiple locations, like Venice and Ibiza, before making a decision?
    If you're interested in exploring multiple destinations, such as Venice and Ibiza, for your event, this can certainly be accommodated. We understand that choosing the perfect venue is a crucial part of your event planning, and we want to ensure you have all the options you need to make the best decision. During our initial consultations and agreement phase, we can discuss and agree upon including multiple location tours within the scope of our services. The planning and design fee would be adjusted accordingly to encompass all the logistics and arrangements for these additional tours, ensuring transparency and clarity in our pricing right from the start.
  • Are there other aspects included in the venue tour apart from just viewing the venues?
    Yes, indeed. To provide you with a holistic overview, our venue tours often include more than just site visits. We arrange tastings at potential catering venues or with our recommended caterers, so you can experience the culinary aspects of your event firsthand. Additionally, if your event requires overnight stays or you're considering accommodations for your guests, we include hotel visits. These visits allow you to assess the accommodation options, ensuring comfort and convenience for you and your guests.
  • What is Euphoria Global Events' guarantee regarding finding the perfect venue for my event?
    At Euphoria Global Events, we are confident in our ability to find the ideal venue that aligns with your vision and requirements. We offer a guarantee that after our initial meetings and understanding of your specific needs and preferences, we will identify the perfect venue for your event. Our extensive experience and deep knowledge of a wide range of venues allow us to match your event with a location that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. In the unlikely scenario where we are unable to find a venue that suits your requirements, we stand by our commitment to client satisfaction with a full refund policy. If we cannot source a venue that aligns with the specifics discussed in our initial meetings, we will issue a full refund of any payments made to Euphoria Global Events for our venue-sourcing services. This policy is part of our dedication to ensuring that our clients' needs and expectations are always met. If we successfully find a venue that fits the criteria based on your initial requests, but you decide not to proceed with the event for any reason, our policy is to cover all the costs incurred during the venue finding process. After these costs are accounted for, we will refund the remaining balance to you. We understand that plans can change, and we aim to be as accommodating and transparent as possible in these situations. Our goal is to ensure a fair and clear process, reflecting our commitment to exceptional customer service and integrity in all our dealings. How does Euphoria ensure transparency in costs and refunds? Transparency is a cornerstone of our service at Euphoria Global Events. All costs and potential refund scenarios are clearly outlined in our contract and discussed upfront during our initial consultations. We maintain an open line of communication throughout the planning process, ensuring you are informed and comfortable with all aspects of our services and policies. This approach allows us to build trust and ensure a positive experience for all our clients.
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