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holland wedding

Holland & Belgium Wedding Planners & Event Planners

The Netherlands is a country that may not be on the top of your list when it comes to a destination wedding, but on further investigation, it’s easy to understand why so many couples are choosing this incredible country. Steeped in history and charm, Amsterdam, the most romantic city in Europe, is filled with bridges, canals, enchanting buildings and incredible parks. There is no limit to the beautiful places to host events across the Netherlands, including incredible castles, boats and stunning luxury hotels.

Belgium is a beautiful and friendly country with unique venues and locations to hold your perfect wedding. Its compact size, minimal language barrier, and multicultural vibe make it one of Europe’s top destinations. Of course, the world-class cuisine makes it a perfect match for food lovers, where your guests can indulge in Belgium’s world-famous chocolate, fries, mussels, and beer.

Brussels, Bruges and Ghent are all ideal locations for your Belgian wedding.

​Euphoria Global Events’ is perfect Belgium wedding planners can advise and guide you to the perfect Belgian location. With Euphoria’s specialist local knowledge of unique locations, and the expertise and experience to design and plan your perfect wedding, your dream destination wedding is in the best hands.


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