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Vienna Wedding

Austria Wedding Planners & Event Planners

Whether you’re captivated by the breathtaking, snow-covered mountains and valleys, quaint churches, charming villages, alpine paths to hidden lakes, the luxury of the Belvedere Palace di Vienna or the stunning Sacher Hotel in Vienna, Austria is one of the most spectacular, exciting and wonderful locations for your destination wedding.


Your wedding is not only a day you will remember for the rest of your lives; it’s also a day that will touch your guests’ hearts forever. From a lakeshore wedding to a traditional mountain ceremony, what could be more fun than your guests sitting in the very mountains from the ‘Sound of Music’.


Vienna is home to some of the most magical grand ballrooms. Its palace halls would stand strong next to any other opulent destination in Europe.


Euphoria Global Events’ is perfect Austria wedding planners can advise and guide you to the perfect Austrian location. With Euphoria’s specialist local knowledge of unique locations, and the expertise and experience to design and plan your perfect wedding, your dream destination wedding is in the best hands.

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